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Playtime 25 Minutes 
€ 7,95

Slave is kicked in the balls. The Mistress beats his balls and hurts him. The slave is worthless. And he knows that.

Playtime 73 Minutes 
€ 9,95

This guy is treated bad, real bad. Mrs Bodai knows how to make or break a man. With hotwax and a whip, the story starts

Playtime 46 Minutes 
€ 8,95

Slave and later a slave girl have to obey the Mistresses in DOMA sm studio. The subbies are brought to the studio for educational purposes. The slave is spanked and his cock get some seious abuse. The slavegirl gets a spanking machine against her ass.

Playtime 55 Minutes 
€ 8,95

Slave is played by two mistresses. Domina's that order the guy around and make a sissy out of him. He is forced to dress up in womans lates suit. He gets tits and stockings.

Playtime 56 Minutes 
€ 9,45

She is used, abused, played with. And has had the complete bdsm and fetish play the Mistress could think of for such a great hot body.

Playtime 56 Minutes 
€ 9,50

Mistress Tanja and Mistress Catja rap up a rubber dressed slave. Tie his cock to the ceiling and they humiliatie him. he is all tied up and has no place to go.

Playtime 61 Minutes 
€ 6,95

The castle where slavegirls are thought to obey to whatever the Mistress orders

Playtime 61 Minutes 
€ 9,95

SM Dungeon with Asian naked slaves, they are used, abuses, anally fucked and humiliated. Pain! That is what the Asian dungeon promised.

Playtime 58 Minutes 
€ 9,95

The slave inspects the homework of switch Kawa. It was not done properly and he gives her a spanking. The... she takes revenge. Hardstyle ball beating

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